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Innothera is a French pharmaceutical company founded by Rene Chantereau 1913 in Paris, as a family company. At that time it was called Laboratoire Chantereau, but a few years later the name was changed to Laboratoire Innothera ( word derived from “ Therapeutic Innovation” ).

Dr Chantereau had a clear vision of developing a company that would deal with efficient and safe drugs for treatment of everyday diseases that are not life threatening, but bring a lot of discomfort and troubles to the patients. This vision of his has been kept in the company to this present day.

In the period after World War II, Dr Chantereau leaves the company to his son in law, Bernard Gobet, who in turn continues to further develop the company.

Today, the president of the INNOTHERA GROUP is Arnaud Gobet, the grandson of the founder. The priority of the company becomes the health of women. During the time of Arnaud Gobet, the company begins an extensive development in the international market, and in France a new area of development is opened- medical textiles, especially medical compressive stockings for veins, for women and men.